It's your wedding day!  The beginning of all things to come and one of the most cherished memories of your life!

You are getting married and your wedding day is as important to us as it is to you.

Center Stage Entertainment plans ahead with your guidance and approval to personalize the music and entertainment to fit your style, your celebration of love.

Due to all our careful planning and communication we are able to keep the party moving harmoniously so you and your guests can enjoy every second of your perfect day!

Have you ever been to a wedding reception where the dance floor was empty most of the night?

Or how about the first dance song that skipped or stopped when the DJ played it?

Not everyone can be a DJ for various reasons.

What makes a professional DJ you might ask?

There is definitely more to it than having a set of speakers, laptop, and lights. There is the ability to “read” your guests and keep them in a dancing mood.

A professional DJ is also approachable. Your guests should feel at-ease with the DJ and be able to make song requests without apprehension.

Organizationally, a DJ should be able to seamlessly perform MC duties.

You should be enjoying your wedding day without any worries, decision making or even having to tell your DJ you are ready to cut the cake.

Our experienced DJ’s will already have a plan and know how to keep you and your guests informed and entertained!

We provide exceptional customer service so you can be at-ease with the planning process and be able to get any questions you may have answered quickly.

We understand that there are many facets of planning a wedding.

We have entertained at numerous weddings over the last couple decades allowing us to be in the unique position to offer our help to couples long before their wedding day arrives.

The appearance of both the DJ and our equipment is essential.

Center Stage Entertainment’s DJ comes dressed to impress, even for the setup of the equipment!

We will be wearing casual dress attire demonstrating that we are here to exceed your expectations!

When it comes time to start we will be changed into our suit/tuxedo or whatever attire you deem as appropriate.

If you desire, we will even dress to match a particular theme.

Our equipment always looks professional. Very tidy and clean.

You and your guests will NOT have to look at any ugly cables lying about.

Also, while our equipment is very powerful, it is also quite compact.
We can fit into nearly any area.

Let Center Stage Entertainment help make your wedding and reception the best it can be!

For more info about our wedding services please contact us at 605-390-0693 or We look forward to hearing from you!


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